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Cambridgeshire Police History Notes - The Journal of the New Cambridge Police 1837-8

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In 1833 the Municipal Corporations Commissioners examined the local government of the Borough of Cambridge, finding its Tory Corporation corrupt and ineffective.

The work of the Commissioners, throughout England and Wales, led directly to the 1835 Municipal Corporations Act, under which a new Cambridge Borough Corporation was elected by an enlarged electorate. The new Corporation quickly embraced the provisions of the 1835 Act and accordingly appointed a Watch Committee which, in 1836, appointed a new uniformed police force for the Borough.

This site is about a Journal kept by the new Cambridge Borough Police at their Station House between March 1837 and May 1838.

The Journal shows that by the end of its first year of operation the New Police had taken on a wide range of tasks in addition to dealing with public order and crime.

The site includes full transcripts of the Journal which hopefully will be of interest to police historians as well as those researching local and family history.

Cambridge Borough Police Station House Journal


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